Italian language course in Sardinia

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Italian Language Course Standard

The course is designed in small groups of students in order to make the learning better and more interactive.

The student starts by learning the basic day-by-day expressions of Italian language and culture in order to start the process of understanding Italian. In this course level, students are able to develop the ability of expressing themselves in Italian, conjugating frequently used verbs, making questions and being able to describe any situation and extending their own opinion.

Italian courses at GAIA have as a priority understanding Italian culture throughout its local traditions, habits, gestures and all of the other elements that are of great importance in Italy. All of the courses include interaction and recreational activities outside the school so that the student can experience Italian culture further than its teaching area. Our courses are characterized by presenting the student the concept of study holidays, in which the student can study and enjoy of a vacation period at the same time.

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Course Details

Maximum number of students per group: 8

Duration: 45 minutes lesson

Number of lessons per week: 20

Total number of lessons per level: 80

Number of weeks (Modules) per level: 4

Minimum course length: one week (1 modulo)/ 20 lessons

The course price includes the registration fee and course material


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GAIA Institute’s priority is satisfying our students with the best quality courses offered. For this same reason we divide our students into different teaching levels in order to make the learning process better. If the student isn’t sure of the course level we’ll offer an evaluation exam to determine the level.

 In the case the group is inferior to 4 students we offer the following opportunities:

-          Total course refund

-          Date change

-          Individual course of small group course (2 or 3 students) with less number of hours.

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