International Architecture, Landscape & Design Contest

The development in nature-protected areas has been always a subject of constant discussion. In one side it is considered to establish limitations to human activities in natural areas in order to preserve the environment, while in the other side it is proposed a development that stimulates education and tourism.
The ecological aspect is constantly confronted by a lack of human flow control. It is under this reason that “Ecco” is born; the need for an integrate research that stimulates participants towards a different approach of sustainable design.



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2. Place
La Maddalena is an extraordinary archipelago consisting of 7 main islands and more than 60 little ones, located in the North-East of Sardinia. Considered one of the most amazing places in Italy, La Maddalena is characterized by its unique landscapes full of Mediterranean culture and nature. The unique combination of rocks and blue water make this place one of the most attractive points in Europe, receiving every year thousands of visitors. This is a land of history where not only important characters such as Giuseppe Garibaldi lived in, but also was an strategic point during World War II in which the American army established their military camps within the peculiar landscape of the island. The island conserves all these antique constructions where people are able to visit them and involve to the place. La Maddalena had its peak point during 18th century, city characterized by buildings in Genovese style. During summer the population grows up to 300%, being tourism the main economic source.

3. Contest
The topic for the contest is sustainable design in nature-protected areas. The Project consists in designing an information module for the Parco Nazionale di La Maddalena. The territory of the Parco Nazionale di La Maddalena is characterized by its unique natural elements. Human activity has a great impact to the zone especially during summer season.
Being tourism and human activity in the zone a great factor, it is necessary to offer information and the basic services. The design must include the following: restrooms, tourist information, sell points, etc. The design must be adapted to the natural aspect and landscape of the zone. The maximum measurements are 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 meters. (b/h/d). The module most be designed considering the following aspects:
Ability to displace it from one place to another, Facility to built it up, Self-energy system, use of eco-sustainable materials, use flexibility (during summer/winter season), and economic viability. The participant must develop a design before february 7 of 2014 that may be present a variety of design for each specific use. There are no further restrictions for the project, but contestants must include in their project a sanitary system solution. The contestants are free to determine the location of the module in all the territory of the island. ecco

4 Contestants
The contestants must be students or graduates from the faculties of Architecture, Industrial Design, Urban Planning, and Landscape. The age limit to be able to participate is 26 years-old as at 31 december 2013. You can participate individually or in groups of two people. In the case of contesting as a group, it is necessary that both team members fulfill all the contest requirements.

5. Registration
The registration process for Ecco contests must be done in the website The registration fees are the following:
50 euros- before November 15th
65 euros- 16th November- 17th December
75 euros- 18th December- 31 January 2014.

6. Consignation
The due date for consigning the project is February 7th 2014, all projects must be sent electronically.
Contents: three A3 format boards (.pdf ).
A project description attached in a A4 format (.pdf ). All project boards must include in the lower right side the number assigned to each participant at the moment of the registration. It is forbidden to put personal detail of the contestant (name, surname, and so on).

7. Jury
Technicians, architects, and experts in the territory and landscape nominated by GAIA will form the jury.
Projects will be graded pondering the following points: Design and Inovation - 15 points
Use of technology and Materials - 15 points
Sustaintability y re-use - 15 points
Economic factors and factibility - 10 points
Versatility and Use - 10 points
Problem solving (ability to present different solutions) 15 points

8. Prizes
1st Prize. 1.000 Euros or a Gaia Institute Course (free selection) at La Maddalena, Italia. Duration: 3 weeks. Includes housing. (maximum value coupon 1400 euros). Project publication.
2nd Prize. 500 Euros or a Gaia Institute Course (free selection) at La Maddalena, Italia. Duration: 1 week. Includes housing. (maximum value coupon 650 euros)

9. Site Visit
There will be organized optional (non obligatory) visits to the project’s place for those participants that would like to explore more the territory. Visits include preliminary courses held by experts in the topic of natural-protected areas. During their stay, participants would be able to have a deeper approach to the topic of environmental issues in the zone and understand better the project site. Each visit has a duration no longer than one week, each visit will be organized with a maximum of 10 contestants.
Visits Schedule: 20 October 2013- 26 October2013 1 December 2013- 7 December 2013 8 December 2013- 14 December2013 18 December 2013- 21 December 2013 5 January 2014- 11 January 2014 for more information regarding the visits, please contact:

10. Calendar (Important Dates) (dd/mm/yyyy)
16/09/2013 Contest Publication
26/09/2013 Begins Registration
31/01/2014 Ends Registration
07/02/2014 Due Date for consigning the projects

For further information please contact: -
GAIA Institute Via Amendola 2, 07024 La Maddalena (OT) (+39) 0789738104
GAIA Institute La Maddalena Italia