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Thanks to the collaboration with Universities and Public Entities, our objective is to develop a constant research in the territory of La Maddalena. La Maddalena's National Park is the perfect place to develop investigation in topics regarding landscape planning,


GAIA Institute’s priority is to satisfy its students in the whole period of their stay. In collaboration with Stay Sardinia we offer a broad amount of possibilities regarding accommodation where you can select the best option that goes according to your needs.

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Make your stay much more exciting! GAIA Institute also offers the opportunity to live an exceptional experience with our elective courses, sailing, cooking, outdoors activities. We also offer you transport service to assist your stay at GAIA.


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Gaia Institute La maddalena

GAIA is an International Institute that offers study holidays in Sardinia. Here you can find courses such as Italian language and culture, landscape, architecture, art, cuisine and much more.
Located in one of the most amazing places in Italy, GAIA courses are strongly related to its territory, as well as internationally highly qualified in collaboration with other Universities.
Our courses and other activities present a great opportunity to experience a different type of formation in which the students not only expand their knowledge but also are able to live the territory and involve to its culture.

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Special Chistmas Offer